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World language
Foreign Language
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    World Languages Free - To gain an edge, use a special Board game out of paper OFLAMERON for the study of world languages.
    One of the options - a table of 6x6 cells. One of the options - a table of 6x6 cells. For classes you will need 2 dice of different colors. You can conduct classes with students older than 6-7 years.
    World language
    You can choose simple and fast option of the game is 30-60 minutes. Or complex and long option - 2-3 hours for experienced students.

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    World language
    Free to download and print ready the playing field or just draw with a pen and paper. Game rules are very simple. Players roll the dice. Blue cube - the vertical coordinate. Red cube - the horizontal coordinate. This cell contains a letter. The player must name a foreign word to the letter and its translation. The word should be written, and then in the game it can not be used.
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Foreign language

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