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    World Languages with paper game - Use of one more game options
OFLAMERON with tables for memorizing foreign words.
    Let's do the simplest crossword of 4-6 words.
    It is enough 4-6 intersections of words in the table.

    World languages quickly

    Example: table for Word editor (French words for native English speakers)
    World languages
    Let's paint over in the cells occupied by foreign words in different colors.
    Remove the letters from the table
    World languages
    The player is given such table and a set of word translations (in the native language). The player must enter foreign words to get the correct crossword.
    You can easily adjust the complexity of classes. It is enough to increase the number of words in the table and the number of intersections.
    You can let each student make such a table. In the classroom, students change with tables and complete the task. To make the task not so easy, make foreign words of at least 5-6 letters long.
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